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New Material Week of July 20, 2018

Room On The Porch Swing by Amy Clipston. Inspirational
Evil Never Sleeps by William Johnstone. Western
The Hills Have Eyes by Mercedes Lackey. Fantasy
Flowers And Foul Play by Amanda Flower. Mystery
Cottage By The Sea by Debbie Macomber.
When We Found Home by Susan Mallery.
Stay Hidden by Paul Doiron.
Bring Me Back by B.A. Paris.
Double Blind by Roy Johansen.
Spymaster by Brad Thor.
Alter Ego by Brian Freeman.
The Night Market by Jonathan Moore.

Eunice: The Kennedy Who Changed The World by Eileen McNamara.
Overcoming Opioid Addiction: The Authoritative Medical Guide For Patients, Families, Doctors, And Therapists by Adam Bisaga.
You Need A Budget by Jesse Mecham.
The Longevity Diet by Valter Longo.
Bonded By Battle: The Powerful Friendships of Military Dogs And Soldiers: From The Civil War To Operation Iraqi Freedom by Nancy Roe Pimm.
Gaslight Lawyers: Criminal Trial & Exploits In Gilded Age New York by Richard Underwood.
Complete Guide To Foam Rolling: Increase Flexibility And Mobility… by Kyle Stull.
Air Fryer Cookbook: Top 100 Healthy Air Fryer Recipes by Michelle March.

Great Art Thefts by Charlotte Guillain.
Maya Angelou by Donna Brown Agins.
Rick Riordan by Adam Furgang.
The Race To Discover The Aids Virus: Luc Montagnier vs Robert Gallo by Stuart Kallen.
Love by Maggie Combs.
Women And Networking by Heather Moore Niver.
Trey Parker, Matt Stone, And South Park by Adam Woog.
The President And The Executive Branch by Mark Thorburn.
The Security Agencies Of The United States by Tom Streissguth.

A Quiet Place.
The Jurassic Games.
Isle of Dogs.
I Feel Pretty.
Super Troopers 2.

Murder In Paradise by James Patterson.
When We Found Home by Susan Mallery.
Cottage By The Sea by Debbie Macomber.

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