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Memorials/Donations April 7, 2017

Otis And The Kittens by Loren Long. In memory of William “Sonny” Plumly given by The Long Family.
Every Dog: A Book Of Over 450 Breeds by Nancy Hajeski. In memory of Jimmy Jefferis given by B.H.S. Class of 1968.


Science News Magazine 2017.   Donated by William and Deborah Gussett.

Memorials/Donations March 17, 2017

Donation made to Barnesville Library in memory of Marietta Martin given by John and Karen Piersol.
Donation made to Barnesville Library in memory of James “Jim” Jefferis given by Susie Hoover.
Big Dogs, Little Dogs by Jim Medway. In memory of Norma Swoyer given by Tim and Annette Hall.
The Women’s Health Big Book Of Smoothies & Soups. Big Knits Big Needles by Helgrid Impelen. In memory of Carla Sue Hershberger given by Martha Wells, Wesley and Molly, Rodney and Kelly, Tom and Diane, Donald and Tammy, Todd and Families.

Memorials/Donations March 10, 2017

National Geographic 50 States, 5000 Ideas and Fodor’s Travel: Caribbean Cruise: Ports Of Call. In memory of Ruth Householder given by the Barton Volunteer Fire Dept.
Let’s Go Fishing: Fish Tales From The North Woods by Eric Dregni. In memory of John L. Sawvel given by Jay & Carla Grear.
The Amazing Baseball Adventure: Ballpark Wonders From The Bushes To The Show by Josh Pahigian. In memory of Joyce Carpenter given by Rick and Joan Hamilton, Trever, Jeanne, Marlee and Colby Strawn, Pat, Julie and Rowan Daugherty and John Hamilton.
Raised Quilt And Stitch: Techniques, Projects and Pure Inspiration by Sylvia Critcher. In memory of Joyce Carpenter given by Barnesville Association Classified Employees.
Forks Over Knives Family: Every Parent’s Guide To Raising Healthy, Happy Kids On A Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet by Alona Pulde. In memory of Patty Arnold Wees given by B.H.S. Class of 1966.
Pinkalicious 1, 2, 3 by Victoria Kann and Surprising Spring by Jennifer Marino Walters. In memory of Darla Wright given by Laura, Jackson and Maggie VanFossen.

Memorials/Donations March 3, 2017

You Made Me A Mother by Laurenne Sala. In memory of Carla Clark Hershberger given by Barnesville Association Classified Employees.
The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday. In memory of Caleb Williams given by Becky Hunkler and Family.

Memorials/Donations February 24, 2017

The Road Back To Me by Lisa Romano. In memory of Ruth Householder given by Nancy Carnes.
Ohio State Football: The Forgotten Dawn by Robert J. Roman. In memory of Marguerite “Peggy” Stephens given by the Skinner Kids.
How To Catch The Tooth Fairy by Adam Wallace and Peppa Pig: Peppa’s Easter Egg Hunt by Neville Astley and Don’t Touch This Book by Bill Cotter. In memory of Irma McClelland given by Brenda and Joe Miller and Family.

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